Diagnostic Reports

Following extensive consultation with the Ethiopian government, national and international research organizations, and other stakeholders, the Ethiopian Agricultural Assessment program launched a total of seven studies. These included three studies on the input markets (seed system, irrigation, and soil fertility), three studies on the output markets (maize, livestock, and pulses), and a cross-cutting study on agricultural finance. Several national and international organizations, academic institutions, and CGIAR centers provided inputs in producing these reports. The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), the International Livestock Research Institute, the International Water Management Institute, the University of Illinois, and McKinsey Inc. were particularly instrumental in generating the drafts of theseĀ reports.

Ethiopia agricultural finance diagnostic – July 2010

Ethiopia irrigation diagnostic – July 2010

Ethiopia livestock value chain diagnostic – July 2010

Ethiopia maize value chain diagnostic – July 2010

Ethiopia pulses value chain diagnostic – July 2010

Ethiopia seed system diagnostic – July 2010

Ethiopian Extension Report 20 Aug. 2009

Ethiopia soil & fertlizer diagnostic – July 2010

Ethiopia Agriculture Diagnositc – Integrated Report – July 2010


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